Once you have placed your deposit along with your booking form & signed T&C’s to secure your date, I generally advise that people have their trial approximately 6-8 weeks before their wedding date.

There are four main reasons for this:

Your skin tones change from season to season
Your hair is at the approximate length it will be on the wedding day (allowing for a trim two weeks before the wedding)
You have had a fair amount of time to choose (and change your mind a few times) of a couple of hairstyles you have in mind.
The veil and Tiara/headdress should be ready

During the run up to the trial, I advise you to start collecting some ideas of styles that you like. (Pinterest is fabulous for this) Also some you really DON’T LIKE, as this helps me know exactly what kind of looks to avoid! If you find the front of one style you like, but the back of another, still save them to show me, as I can usually adapt most styles to suit you and show you your chosen style. Please feel free to email them to me & discuss the ideas in the run up to your trial, as it will give me an idea of what equipment to bring, and also allow for time.

Again it’s also useful to get an idea of Make-up looks you like, and again what you DON’T LIKE!


I suggest using only a low percentage, (either a 6 or 8 %) 8% is usually low enough. I always suggest a trial at the very least, a few weeks before the wedding date. I also suggest using flash photography approximately 48 hours after, to see how it looks on camera. (If having bridal make-up as well as a Spray Tan with myself, I suggest having the Trial Spray Tan 48 hours before we do your make-up trial)
Also bear this in mind…Who else in the bridal party is having a tan…who is going to be in the photographs standing alongside you?  It can look pretty ridiculous if only the Bride has a tan and the rest of the Bridal Party is pale, including the Groom! (PLEASE SEE SEPARATE PAGE ON SPRAY TANNING FOR PREP & AFTERCARE)

PLEASE REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HAIR THE DAY/EVENING BFORE, NOT ON THE MORNING OF THE TRIAL!!! (THIS ALSO GOES FOR THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE BRIDAL PARTY!!!) If the hair is freshly washed, its too soft & hair pins will slide straight out of the hair, it can make it very difficult to work with especially if putting it up. (Its fine if its just a blow dry)

PLEASE NOTE: I supply all cosmetics & styling products, hairpins etc. i.e. anything needed to create the style/look. The only exception is for hairpieces, wefts, doughnuts or hair extensions, Tiara’s, comb’s or any additional items of make-up that you need/wish to have for touch ups during the day. These will be charged for separately.