How soon prior to my wedding date can I book you?

You need to place your booking as soon as you decide you definitely require my services!!! Some people are really organised and have booked me 1-2 years in advance, so its never too soon!!! (Not everyones that organised though!!! Lol) I have had brides get in touch with me only a couple if weeks before their wedding date who have been let down at short notice!  I can tell you that I will only EVER accept one booking per day, so because of that I often have to turn people away!! Although I do recommend them on to other people in the industry that I know!

Whens is the best time to have my Trial?

I generally recommend that the trial is undertaken about 6-8 weeks away from the wedding date!  By then you have usually purchased your Veil & Tiara/headdress or other hair accessories, as its usual for me to use these for your trial, to see how they work along with your chosen style! I always recommend Hair & Make-up at the same time, and if you are having a spray tan I would recommend that a couple of days before the Make-up trial as this will also give you a good idea of the final look, as well as being able to take photographs and see how it looks on camera!  Also your skin tones change from season to season, so having your trial too far in advance from the date of the wedding is not to be advised. It also allows you extra time for any skin or hair treatments you may need in the run up to your big day, that come to light at the trial!!

What do I need to have available with me at the Trial?

All you need with you are any accessories that you will be using for yours, your bridesmaids or the Mother of the Brides hair, including your Veil etc. Don’t forget the pictures of hair & make up looks you like or alternatively dislike!!!  Sometimes it’s useful to have a swatch of your bridesmaid’s dresses or Mums outfit if having make-up, so I don’t use any make up colours which may clash!  The hat or fascinator etc for Mother of the Bride if she is having her hair done!!!

How long does the trial take?

Well the trial is quite often much, much longer than it is the day of the wedding, depending upon the size of the wedding party of course!!! I would allow at least a couple of hours to as much as four to five if there are a lot of you!  If one or two of you have any time constraints, please let me know when I arrive & I will start on those first.

Can you cover up Tattoo’s and Scar’s etc?

Yes, I can use camouflage Make-up that is specifically designed for this purpose, however, you do need to discuss this with me before the trial, especially  if there are large areas to be covered, as it can add considerable time to the day!

Should my Bridesmaids and I was our hair on the morning of the trial?

No, definitely not!!!! Please wash your hair the day or evening before the trial! Newly washed hair is very soft and often flyaway!  Its much easier to work with hair that has a little natural hair in it, as otherwise the pins will slip straight out!  Also, please do not straighten your hair either (and remind bridesmaids of this too) especially if you are going to go for a curly look….its best for me to work with your hair in as natural state as possible so that I know exactly what products to use on the day of the wedding.

I’m having a veil, But I don’t think I want it in all day. Will I be able to remove it myself?

This is not a problem. Please let me know at the trial and also on the morning of the wedding that you want to take it out during the day. I will advise and show either your mum or one of the Bridesmaids on how to remove it without affecting the rest of your style.

Will my make-up last all day?

Your make-up will be applies using professional techniques and the highest quality products, including, but not exclusive to, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, Clinique, Chanel, Lancombe and Urban Decay...all of which have maximum staying power. However, if you would like to purchase the products used at your trial either for touch-ups during the day itself or for future use, then please let me know at the time of the trial.

I need to grow my hair longer for my wedding style, will you be able to give me regular trims in the run-up to my wedding, or will I have to find someone else, as I’m wary of having too much cut off?

Yes, that’s absolutely fine! A lot of  brides are in exactly the same position, in fact I still have regular hair & beauty clients now who’s weddings or daughters weddings I did over 10 years ago!!! Most brides still want their hair cut and coloured as they always have, but are too worried about their usual hairdresser cutting off more than they want or need!   I am more than happy to look after your styling needs in the run up to the big day and also afterwards if you need me to!

I want to have regular facials before the wedding, is this something you can do for me, or is there someone else you can recommend?

Yes, this is certainly something I can do for you. I would recommend having your last facial no less than three weeks before your wedding, especially if you’re not used to having regular facials. This is because the impurities and toxins are still being released from your system and any closer to the wedding day; you may end up with spots breaking through.  We certainly don’t want that, do we?!! If I cannot help you due to being too busy & overbooked, I can certainly refer you on to someone else who is reputable.

I have never had facial waxing done before, but I would like to have my eyebrows waxed and also above my lip area. When should I have this done before my wedding?

If you have never had any kind of waxing before then I would strongly recommend that you have a trial run some several weeks before the wedding date!!! You may find that you could have a reaction to the products used etc. Especially in the case of upper lip waxing it can cause tiny spots to occur just under the skin, just in the area that has been treated. If you have no reactions at your first treatment then I would recommend you have your treatment a few days before the wedding.

I’m not getting married, but there are a large group of us going to Ascot. Can we still book your services?

Yes of course! I have also looked after people for Engagement parties, 30th’s, 18th’s, Prom’s etc! The oldest lady I’ve had to look after was for her 70th Birthday Party!!! Please contact me for further details.